Strike Symbols
New Strikes

X -- Negative Cloud to Ground Strike
+ -- Positive Cloud to Ground Strike
-- Negative Intracloud Strike
-- Positive Intracloud Strike

Old Strikes Colours
Appear as a coloured dots. White (Current),Yellow (newest), dark red (oldest)

Use the buttons at the top to change:

- History time interval (30m or 60m)
- View Range (Full 600 km or zoom 300 km)
- Event Loop (Stop - show all strikes on map, or Run - play back history)

How to read this map:
This map is displaying the current and past 30 or 60 minutes of lightning strikes
for a max distance of 1200 km (750 miles). The accuracy of the lightning detector
decreases significantly past the 600 km range.

If you don't see anything, then you need to download and install Java

Auto Range Static Lightning Image.  Click Image for full size view 

NexStorm TRAC Report  (Thunderstorm Ranging and Acquisition)
Text-based details based on TRAC to showing details about individual
storms that are displayed in the static image below. The details are a
stationary view of the same text that is scrolling on the top right of this page.

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 Olds Weather Station is a member of the StrikeStarTM US Networked Lightning
Locator System which links real-time single antenna detectors around the world.

StormVueNGX - (25 - 1200 km Range)  
An interactive Shockwave Flash interface providing near real-time display of lightning data.
The interface allows the user set their own parameters to many different display options including lightning and storm alarms. The user selected settings are saved between sessions. There is a complete help file link located on the interface.  Click here for Full Screen View

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